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Macoupin County ARES Net

Thursday 9:00PM



Macoupin County ARC Net

Thursday 8:30PM

444.250 103.5+


Okaw Valley Net

Sunday 9:00PM

444.250 103.5+


W9VEY Memorial Net

Monday 8:30PM


Hamfest Expansion
At the March K9MCE club meeting, a proposal, brought forth by Skip, WS9V, to expand and improve the West Central Illinois Hamfest could be  achieved by inviting area clubs to participate and share in the planning, logistics and publicity was made and the club voted to accept the proposal. The Montgomery County Amateur Radio Emergency Corps voted to accept the proposal at their meeting held on March 8th. As a result of the both clubs accepting the proposal, K9MCE Club secretary, Paul, KC9YCP  drafted a letter inviting area clubs to participate. On April 4th a the Sangamon Valley ARC will be presented with more details regarding participation in the hamfest. Thanks to the efforts of Jim, N9LQF, the fairgrounds have been reserved for the next four years. Rental fee is being negotiated. The hamfest has the potential of becoming a prime ham radio event in which everyone benefits.

ARES Skywarn Net procedures adopted

On Saturday, March 11, Macoupin County Amateur Radio Emergency Service met to discuss and adopt a regional county Skywarn net procedure. When the National Weather Service issues a severe weather event watch for Macoupin/ Montgomery counties, ARES members will be alerted. When a severe weather warning is issued by the NWS, the Skywarn net will be called. Thanks to the generosity of the Montgomery County ARC and the repeater board of directors, the Macoupin/ Montgomery county Skywarn net will be called on the 146.82 repeater. Check-ins for Skywarn will commence. Weather related reports can be passed on this net. At the same time, 444.250 will be monitored to pass related WX traffic to NWS-STL. 146.82 will be used to pass WX related observations, WX related information/bulletins, flooding, strong, damaging winds, hail, tornadoes and lightning damage, downed power lines, WX related accidents, road blockages due to WX, etc. These reports will be passed back to the NWS via the 444.250 repeater. Since 444.250 is linked, it makes sense not to tie up the entire systems for a prolonged, regional net. Improvements were made to 146.82 increasing its coverage. 82 does not have battery back up so 444.250 can become the primary repeater. Remember, YOU are Skywarn!


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